Call for MORE new groups!

Hi all!

I've finally gotten around to adding some new groups, and I'd like to hear your feedback Slight smile

What groups do you want to see added to the site? Also - are you interested in being a group manager? 

Let me know in the comments below!

  • Awesome, always glad for new content/areas. Maybe a more specific group for retro/classic PC gaming? I'd love to see a group for Muds, but don't know how many, if any, people played them, yet alone know what they are..

  • Fun one! Maybe just a "Retro" or "Retro Gaming" group?

    BTW - any ideas on what the icon should be for that group? Maybe a Tetris block, Galaga ship, etc...

  • I think a group for indie games/non AAA studios would be a great group. I think some things fall through the cracks and get overshadowed by the larger games. It would be nice to be able to better search and learn about smaller games more easily.

  • Definitely could use more groups! What about a game review group? 

  • An Extended Reality (XR) group would be cool that covers all things Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and future immersive technology.

  • I know it's not a new group, but I would like to see the deals section opened up more for the community. This section very rarely gets updated and I have seen a lot of good deals on the Lenovo store that should be highlighted. The community could mention deals like the Lenovo Legion Pro 5 with a 4050 for $830 (40% off) on the Lenovo Outlet or Legion Mousepads M/L being 40% off on the Lenovo Store. 

  • Linux? Lots of people always talking about that Linux. Could be very educational. Not sure if it deserves a whole group. I don't know. I just read the list of everything. Just throwing out ideas. Maybe emus? Spam? Imagine every spammer complying and putting their garbage in a garbage can.

  • Alternatively, this could be an Immersive Reality Gaming group, so it would cover every thing XR but also include other immersive reality gaming like ARGs, escape rooms, geocaching, and even simulator machines.

  • I think adding more groups is a great idea! I like the suggestions of having one for retro games, indie games, and game reviews. There could also be a group for new Gaming PC tech, or tech reviews.

  • Is it themed or game specific? Pokemon go?