Report post function not working

Anyone else having issues reporting spam/scam posts?

When I click the "Moderate" button, the "Report as Abusive" button appears but then quickly disappears before it can be clicked, so I don't think the post is actually being reported.

  • Thought it was just me. It does not appear possible to click it. Maybe I used it too much and abused my power. Ironic. I have had this problem for the last few waves. Still a few floating around for over a month. Found them by sorting by least popular.

  • I thought it was working last week for a bit, but I might be confusing it with EDU as there have also been some new spam/scam posts over there as well.

  • Still broken...

    Looks like it works for reporting comments but not on reporting posts. It also looks like it broken on all the Lenovo community forums.