I hate CAPTCHA but would it help cut down on the spammers?

  • One could only hope..

  • What if, in this new upcoming update, 2-3 different people could report a post and that made it disappear. Sent to a purgatory where it had to wait to be judged, instead of clogging up our thing waiting to be noticed by someone with power? Maybe extra rewards or badges for trying to help clean up?

    If it gets abused or overused it can be changed.

  • That would be good, especially on the weekends.

  • Sorry all - the update we're working on will be a BIG overhaul to the entire site, including massive improvements to moderation tools (spam should effectively be gone). More info on all the updates coming soon, we are currently targeting mid July 

  • I'm looking forward to the big update next month, which should eliminate all the spam attacks. I can't wait to see what other surprise improvements the update will have as well.

  • Very happy to hear that!

  • Not a fan of CAPTCHA either. After reading the thread I'll say wait and see for the improvements.