[Legion Listens] VOTE on our new Discussion Group ideas!

Hey Legion! We’re always looking at ways to improve your experience with the community - including opportunities to add new Discussion Groups in the coming months.

Therefore, we thought we’d ask you a simple question in our latest LEGION LISTENS to help us decide!

So, below we have four ideas for brand-new Community Discussion Groups, and we’d like you tell us which one you’d most like to see added to the community in the near future:

  • If it's good, no problem

  • An indie game group will be great to discover some hidden gems. 

  • Definitely Indie, there's so many out there.

  • Retro gaming FTW.

  • I was going to select indie, but wanted to make the case for retro gaming. I've been on a kick on some of the mechanics or special things about older games. It's piqued my interest to get a PSP and PS2 to play older games. Might be nice to have a space on here for the retro games especially with emulators and other means to play nowadays.

  • I like Indie game group!

  • Indie for sure, there's so many hidden gems out there that can spark great discussions.

  • If we can only have one new group, I'm going to have to go with Immersive Reality Gaming. I feel like the others can easily be covered in existing groups, if need be. But why are we limiting the forums to only one new group? We should be adding all 4 of these groups plus some other new ones as well like a group for Roblox.

  • Personally, I'd like Indie because there are so many good games that don't have the resources to afford traditional advertising and really depend on word of mouth. Indie games are the only thing keeping me gaming, as AAA games are as appealing as new Star Wars shows.