[Legion Listens] What games/studios do you want to hear from?

Hello Legion!

Welcome to Legion Listens, a new series of mini-surveys and quick polls to learn your thoughts on the community and the gaming world at large.

For this week's Legion Listens, we want to hear your wishlist of games that our community team should work with. What games, studios, publishers, or other gaming industry folks do you want to hear from in interviews/content? Your votes will help to shape the community, so now is your chance to have your say!





BONUS - what other games/studios/etc specifically would you like to see events for?

Please UPVOTE your favorite responses so that the community's overall picks rise to the top!

  • I'm not really interested in seeing interviews from AAA studios or watching interviews from wildly successful titles. I'm far more interested in studios and projects that I have never even heard of. I just find having another interview for something like Apex or Overwatch to not be anything worthwhile because it adds nothing new since these titles have already been highlighted across countless platforms. 

    For specific studios, I would suggest Monolith of Minds the studio behind Lila’s Sky Ark, or maybe Fuz Games the developer of Restless Soul. These are two titles that I greatly enjoyed playing, but I don't think most people have even heard of either of these games. 

  • Not so much coverage on AAA studios and titles, and more indie studios! Giving indie studios a bigger spotlight and coverage helps promote their games and invite new fans to play them! Would love to learn the process of what goes behind making a game that not only competes with the big studios and makings quality games that could be game of the year titles!

  • Great feedback! Indies are my favorite too so that's great to hear Slight smile

    Will definitely look into the two studios you mentioned!

  • I'd mostly be interested in news and development updates from mostly triple a studios for franchises I'm a die hard fan of.

    For instance, if you guys could do a little digging into eidos montreal/crystal dynamics and firaxis, I'm DYING to know what's in the works (if anything) for Deus Ex 5, Xcom 3 and legacy of kain 6

  • Agreed that AAA studios have their own avenues for getting news out while indies struggle and would benefit most from this kind of exposure. Also, most AAA's wont give out free game keys, but indies will! Win win for everyone. Also loving that you're taking our feedback into account. Also solo dev = indie in my opinion. 

  • Thanks for asking these questions. Good to know what your members are interested in.

  • For me I would personally like to see more on indie games. generally they get less viewed/less coverage then the bigger games.  alot of the time there can be some really good/nice/fun indie games that can get overlooked compared to bigger triple AAA ones

  • I agree with some of the other posts. I believe that the games that posted are genuinely good as far as interviews or highlights are concerned; however, it will be good to see games that are great but messed the "marketing ride" as far as fame is concerned.

    I also think that Valorant and Overwatch are two games that have been well-played so those will be awesome options as well. Games like Battlefield, Call of Duty, Counterstrike, etc, are pretty much just shoot shoot, run run, k!ll or d!e kinda style, and despite playing them for fun and for the rush, I don't see much strategy that goes into it, aside from campaigning and capturing objectives with 'proper' teammates.

    Moreover, I would give a shot to the developers and designers from Epic Games because, whether we want it or not, they did change the gaming industry. Fortnite might not be a great game for many but a lot of the younger generation played that game, hence, a decent amount of the future games will keep trying to mimic their graphics as well as game-play 8ball

  • I agree with others that I'd like to see less AAA games and more indie or non-mainstream games. I play big name titles like Apex, FF, and other AAA games, but there are so many and I find it's really like keeping up with the Joneses. On top of that, trying to avoid spoilers and content being made about the game to play it on your own time and enjoy it feels like work in and of itself. With smaller titles, I can still enjoy a game or invest the time to use a game to relax and sometimes being able to take a week to play through some and feel accomplished feels good compared to grinding away in other games. While it technically is a "big" game, I'd love to see something lined up for Omega Strikers/Odyssey Interactive, maybe something from the indie showcases from over the summer. I'd especially like to see something from the Wholesome Direct. Some more relaxing and stress reducing games. They might not showcase the power and potential of the Legion products, but would still love to see more games/gamers included.

  • Not so much interested in AAA spotlights but im definitly hyped to see some indie studio updates and news, especially how they are taking action after this whole unity fiasco!

    I think its important to get some coverage there! I feel indie studios wi be effected most by what they have done/trying to do!.