Different forums for different regions is confusing

There are discussions groups for each region, and it's confusing. For example, the General group shouldn't differ much between regions, but the US one is much more popular than the AU one. So why should I, as the user, join the AU group?

Many wouldn't know you don't get the same posts in different regions and miss out, or think the legion forums are "dead". So I don't understand the motive behind it.

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    Thank you for the question. Hopefully, I can provide some insight as to why the Legion Gaming Community has different sites.

    One of the primary reasons is for giveaways. Many giveaways cannot be hosted on all three sites (US, UK, AU) especially for physical products like computers or accessories. This is to make it easier for those in the US to have access to their region-specific giveaways versus one super site and having members confused as to what they readily qualify for versus not.

    Another is for region-specific topics or language. There are also certain Lenovo products that are not released in all regions and helps to cut down on confusion as to what is available globally and in select regions.

    Maybe  can tag into this and write more than I, but these are a few notable reasons I've learned about or seen myself. Nothing stops you from engaging where you like of course, but you need to be mindful if you do consider giveaways and are not from the regions listed in the terms, you will not be considered or allowed to participate. I hope this helps!

  • From what I hear, all the regional community forums are going to be combined into one big global community forum in July.