Repeatedly reentering details for giveaway entry?

Does anyone else have to reenter their details every time they refresh their Lenovo's page even though they are already showing as logged-in? This is specifically for the giveaways.

Could it be my VPN?

I don't mind redoing it but I am not sure if it's a bug or a feature so I thought to ask or at least point it out.

  • Every now & again, say once a week or so, I get signed out of Gleam and not sure why. 

  • If you use Brave browser you need to turn shields OFF for this site. If you have another browser with adblocking or high privacy or security settings add this site to the whitelist.

  • It happens to me every so often I'll need to reenter my info. I've run into this on other sites with Gleam where I've been logged in for multiple days.

  • occasionally, especially with GLEAM - about every 2v weeks I need to login again.  

  • I do not recommend using a VPN when entering :) 

  • I get this every so often, but not regularly. It's a little annoying, but the login process is easy enough that I don't really mind it 

  • It happened to me when I tried to enter from a mobile device. Now that I enter from Chrome on my laptop, it has stopped happening. I think it is something do with cookies. I am not a fan of the gleam entry forms for this reason.

  • If you browser does not remember cookies for the Lenovo website, it will likely have you enter them every time.

  • I have mine set to accept cookies for lenovo websites and it will force me to go through the whole process including 2 step verification. There has definitely been something glitching out for the past year for me. It probably is not wide spread since it doesn't seem to have been fixed. I tried quite a while back on through support when I was having issues getting the drop downs to display on rewards page to no avail. It is still broken most of the time. I can't see any breakdowns or any info except the point total on I can't even do the monthly surveys most of the time because it won't display. I still love the Lenovo brand so I tolerate it but def an annoyance.