(Poll) Is there any interest in starting a new group for Game Devs?

Although the Legion Gaming Community is mostly targeted for gamers, it seems like there's also a lot of interest in game dev as well based on many of the comments and questions during the game dev interview streams.

Would there be an interest in starting a new group to discuss and share content for game development?

Maybe it can also be a place to share game dev specific freebies and deals as well.

Like this post and comment below if you would like to see a new group for Game Development and hopefully we can get it added if there's enough interest to do so.

  • Obviously, I would love to see a new group for Game Development added to the Legion Gaming Community.

  • I'd definitely be checking in on it, could be a good opportunity for community managers to also share their updates for any indie titles. 

  • It's a little disappointing it seems like we're the only two in the community that's interested in game dev. Disappointed

  • This is actually a great idea! 

  • Make it so, Number One... Wink

  • This could be a neat resource. I'm interested in game.dev but am just getting started.

  • I've been posting a lot of free game dev assets stuff to the Freebies group for now. It's always a good idea to claim them while they're free so you have them in your inventory for when you might need them later on. If we do get a Game Dev group, I also plan on posting some other info and resources that would be helpful for both experienced game devs as well as those just starting out.