[LEGION LISTENS] What did you think of the Lenovo Community Awards?

At the end of last month, Community Managers Ben Green, Beth Knittel, and yours truly hosted the inaugural Lenovo Community Awards (LCAs) for the Legion Gaming, EDU and Pro Communities in the US, UK and Australia.

The event was streamed live on Twitch and included a celebration of outstanding community members from 2023, words from the leaders and pioneers behind the Lenovo Communities, and more.

Now, we'd love to find out how many of you tuned in to the event, and if you'd be interested in future Awards broadcasts from the Community! Let us know by voting in the poll below. 

In addition, we'd love to hear your overall thoughts about the event - what went well, what could have been improved, and even what you'd like to see added next time! Sound off in the comments below. 

Your feedback will be invaluable to the development of future events (and who knows, we might be able to run more than just an end-of-year awards ceremony...)

P.S: If you weren't aware of the Lenovo Community Awards, you can rewatch the entire broadcast here. 

  • You may not have recognized me by my Twitch name, but I was there and it was awesome! It went really well, was dynamic and had the perfect duration for a midweek event. Not only that, but I could share the video later to show my friends. I would tune in again for sure! It's the perfect way to celebrate the community! 

  • Thanks for the link to re-watch the broadcast as I'm just now discovering this. It's an interesting idea, but hope it will have distinguishing aspects, so that it's not a carbon copy of every other online awards show.

  • I enjoyed the event and I think it's because of how excited the hosts were. The hosts seemed to genuinely care about the awards and seemed delighted that they made specific awards for certain individuals that they felt the most proud of.

    The only thing I would have liked to see is more awards voted on by the community. There were only about 2 that I remember voting on, but I am also only part of the Legion community. I don't know which ones EDU and Pro voted for. 

    The Twitch stream also needs to have Ben playing games with Beth. Smile

  • I Think this is a real cool idea. I unfortunately missed the awards livestream but I will watch the vod when I get a moment. I myself try to be as active as I can whether its on the community sites or on twitch. But sometimes life happens :/

  • I missed the live broadcast but did watch the replay.  I enjoyed it!  Hosts were fun and it wasn’t too long.  Didn’t feel like it dragged on.  I’d definitely watch future LCA’s!

  • I thought it was very well executed, great content, and engaging.. the teams did a fantastic job.. the addlibs were fun, and the categories were good as well.. Cheers

  • Thinking of it now, I do remember of a small issue. Twitch service was not working well and whenever I had to reconnect (happened about 6 or 7 times) I was forced to watch ads. In the future, this could be an add-free event to watch. 

  • I don't know how they do it, but some communities are able to stream Twitch from Discord. So you watch it and comment from Discord. I would like to see this option for Lenovo Awards in the future! 

  • Missed this! Is there a VOD?

  • An hour-long stream was really nice for this. As far as next year, I would suggest not adding too much more to the length of the show. I would definitely try to keep it under two hours max, but 60-90 minutes seems ideal.