Feature Request Thread

The site is looking great so far so lets keep making it the best it can be! Comment with features you'd like to see and I'll update the list as it grows.

  • Custom profile pictures (thanks  for the work-around. We still need a more permanent solution)
  • Discord / Steam "now playing" status integration
  • More profile customization and links to other social networks and gaming platforms
  • Opt-out default on email notifications (thanks )
  • Tournament Hosting and schedule for Twitch (Thanks )

  • Social feeds for LEGION to showcase latest news from the twitterverse or etc (maybe already do this)  (Thanks )

  • Moderator content creation I.e. blogs, vlogs and reviews  (Thanks )

  • Early access for product launches for joining and more swag giveaways.  (Thanks )

  • Maybe some locked forums for the premium contributors down the road.  (Thanks )

  • Better mobile experience (an app maybe)  (Thanks )