Lenovo Rewards Points

This must be a bug or something but my Lenovo Rewards points are missing and now it's saying to join Lenovo Rewards even though I'm already signed in. My points I had were not expiring until July. I had $18.80 in rewards and now it's 0. Anybody else getting this little error?

  • Hi  ,

    yes... The whole reward system was already behaving in a weird way since a few days, as I opened up a new thread, and didn't get any reward points for it at all... Also the other rewards didn't function properly anymore...


    For me now I can't access to the rewards at all anymore and it also says "Join my Lenovo Rewards" only...

    -> Thanks a lot for opening up this thread about it... Hope this can be fixed soon...

       and  , could it be the case your team is already aware of this and you are currently doing some fixing of it, and therefore it is temporarily down?

  • Oh ok I never saw your thread. I didn't know it was acting weird a few days ago because my points still seemed to be working correctly. I guess it finally caught up with me, lol! Hope they fix it soon. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Hey all! Thanks for reporting this, I checked with our MLR team and looks like the system is temporarily down for maintenance to apply an update  - should be back to normal shortly so stay tuned!

  •    should be fixed now! You might need to clear cookies/relog to see the points back

  • Speaking of MLR, it's a little annoying that the expiring points section of the header in the MLP accounts page doesn't default to the current month if you have points expiring. It shows the following month instead.

    I currently have points expiring at the end of February, but my MLR page header is showing I don't have points expiring until March, which could be confusing. It should default to the current expiring points deadline.


    Thanks a lot for reacting so quick! SmileyOk handThumbsup

    I can see my points again, and also the ones collected in the meanwhile have been added RelaxedThumbsup.

    Everything looks fine again, and now the number also seems to be appropriate again Ok hand

    It was weird though, I opened up a new thread after a longer while and didn't receive the points for it...

    I'm almost shore it was after the while you need to wait to get the "bonus" for it again, but maybe it was not completely over and just at the end of those days...

    -> Anyway it doesn't matter as the content was important to me and not the bonus Yum It was just a bit weird to me, and something I did mention. Who knows, maybe there actually were some issues, which now have been fixed.

  • Yup, there it is. Thanks Ben G! Appreciate it!


    It would be still great, if as a German I would still be allowed to order over the american Lenovo shop, or if I could transfer the points to the German/European one for being able to use them somehow...

    Could you please help me with that, or point me to the right persons/department/email address tonsee if this would be achievable?

    -> currently my points are somehow only bound to the US as a country, as soon as I switch to Germany I only have 3 Euros left, instead of over 25 dollars...

    -> It would be really great if it could be transferred somehow, as I was really putting a lot of effort and time into trying to help people on the forum with technical issues, and in writing back to them...

    -> Even if it is not my main purpose to help them for the points, it would be still great to at least have a little bit of something from itWink.

  • Hi  ,
    is this something you could help me with, or point me into the right direction?