Missing Lenovo Rewards After Deciding Not to Return

I just bought my brand new legion pro 5 Gen 8 at the end of January. The keyboard was having some problem so I submitted a return request.

However I decided to keep it instead of returning it since my product was already out of stock at that time. But then the pending rewards for this purchase turns to 0, even after I called the support and told them to cancel my return request. I've been waiting for a week and the rewards are still not coming back. Instead, only my old rewards that I used to buy this laptop is back. I'm really looking forward to get my rewards for this laptop so I can buy a monitor.

Dear lenovo support team please help me solve my problem.

  • Hey there  

    Unfortunately, you wouldn't be able to get assistance from Lenovo Support in this forum for this issue. I recommend keeping in touch as you've already been doing to ensure you get your MLR back on your account. That is the only avenue in order to get your MLR applied back to your account. It doesn't make sense to me why they would erase before receiving a return product back, but I'm completely unaware of their systems and cannot make official statements as to how they work.