Option to edit post is gone

I no longer have the option to edit my previous posts.

The option was there a day ago, but now it's missing.

Is that currently a sitewide issue or is there something wrong with my account?

Anyone else having issues editing their posts?

  • Hey Richie,

    Nothing to my knowledge was changed... do you notice it in specific groups or categories on the site? It's a per-group setting, so it's possible one of the groups/applications here needs to be updated. Sorry for any confusion.

  • It looks like it's sitewide. I no longer have the edit option to edit my posts or comments.

    It also looks l can no longer delete my own posts as well, although I can still delete comments.

    However, I can report my own posts as abusive, which I already accidently clicked.

  • It looks like my ability to edit is back! I have no idea why it was missing before though.

  •  I also saw it disappear.    I also see it's back.    Magic

  • I hope all the site issues over at EDU aren't starting to creep over to gaming... Worried