TSM Signs the first-ever esports org chess player, Hikaru

TSM is moving into... Chess!?

With the radical popularity of Chess on Twitch lately, TSM has decided to jump the trend by signing one of the most prolific chess players: Hikaru.

What are your thoughts on this pickup? Do you feel that we'll see more chess players joining esports orgs in the future?

  • It's absolutely bananas how much Chess has taken off due to Twitch. I can't help but attribute some of that to Covid as well but I am really happy to see one of the world's classic games somehow continue to grow.

    I'd like to see an explosion in Go as well. Really get those ancient games back in the mainstream.

  • I have loved chess since i was a kid. I think it is cool that they did this. Plus TSM has always been my favorite since they came onto the world stage in LoL