Xbox Game Pass Games

I recently got Xbox Game Pass Ultimate And I was wondering what games should I play? There is a lot of them so I want to find some good ones so I can get my money's worth. What are some good games?

  • I would try no man's sky. Hellblade senua's sacrifice is a good one if you haven't done that. MK 11 and Injustice 2 are on there if you're into fighting games. Flight Simulator is on there if you like that. The subnautica games are on there too, as well as racing games, dead space, other horror games, and a lot of other stuff. I would check out their collaboration with EA play too, to see what games are there as well.

  • I am in a similar boat. I have a gamepass code for 3 months, but am wanting to find a few good coop games before i activate it. 

  • Xbox game pass is probably the best value subscription available. I tend to play more of the indie games and xbox exclusives since i have a ps5 and pc and don't want to miss out on xbox first party games. I recommend games like psychonauts 2, chorus if you like space dogfighting, quantum break, doom eternal, and both ori games. I am playing lost in random on ea play that is free with game pass and really enjoying art style and unique gameplay. I would look skim thru the catalog and if something catches your eye look reviews on steam to see if it is something you think you would enjoy after reading pros and cons.

  • CITIES SKYLINES, DAY OF THE TENTACLE, A PLAQUE TALE.................all supposed to be good

  • Trek to Yomi, Titanfall 2, TMNT: Shredder's Revenge, Sea of Thieves, Ori, Outriders, Shadow of Mordor, Halo Infinite, Hades, Doom Eternal, AC Origins...

  • In no certain order, Grounded, State of Decay 2, Subnautica: Below Zero, Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries, Recore: Definitive Edition,