What games on Xbox are you currently playing?

For me i am currently playing Fall Guys, the newer Forza Hot Wheels DLC, and some misc indie games Slight smile

  • An amazing game me and my friend was playing was called "It Takes Two" its a game about teamwork and I think its really great!

    That's one of the games I'm currently playing.

  • still playing the new turtles game and forza 5

  • I'm playing Tunic, but I must say it's not as good as I was expecting up until now. And I want to play the Monster Sanctuary expansion

  • I have been tearing up some Fall Guys with a crew nightly and it’s just too much fun and frustration at the same time! Other than that, I have been playing turbo golf with a friend and gearing up to get ready for the new Saints Row!

  • Crossout and Snowrunner… nothing else Smiley