Advantages of New Xbox Console vs Game Pass on PC

So I have been talking to people about the benefits of buying a console and to me the PS5 makes sense. However, when I look at Xbox and the relationship they have in the PC market I am intrigued why someone would buy an Xbox console. What are some of the top reasons people would buy an Xbox instead of playing a game on PC? 

  • The biggest 3 reasons in my mind will always be:

    1. What your friends are playing on (less important these days with cross-platform support)
    2. What exclusives are on the console
    3. Value!

    The $300 price tag of the Xbox Series S is pretty hard to beat, for those on a budget and what you get out of the box. The game pass like you mentioned is also insanely valuable, with the trial you can essentially get access to hundreds of games at barely any cost, which includes even the newest titles. I feel like the game pass model will become more widespread in the future of gaming.

  • The $300 price tag looks great until you remember it has such a small amount of storage. The proprietary expansion card will run you $219.

    If they can get Call of Duty to below 5.6 TB then it would be a viable option.

  • all of this! Same with the Digital PS5 edition. Kiss used and preowned game prices good buy and good luck fitting all those game downloads on 950 GBs of storage. 

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  • I know they said they are going to allow any SSD to be used but they have to match the speed of the PS5s SSD and right now the best matching one is $229.

    I hope M$ allows multiple manufacturers to make the proprietary SSDs because then the price should drop a bit for both PS5 and Series X rated drives.