Who plays Destiny 2 and CrossSaves?

Who plays Destiny 2 on multiple platforms?

  • I do. I played it on the Xbox for some time years ago. A couple of days ago I reinstalled it and realized the game ain't bad, I just suck with controllers. Then found out my PC runs Destiny 2 pretty well. So, I installed it, and I was prompted with the option of cross saving. So I connected my Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam accounts. Now I can continue my character progress from platform to platform. Although, I don't think, it carries DLC with your characters. 

  • I do, its alright i mean, its easier to main one instead of switching from controls

  • I def play on PC more, and that's where all my expansions are. BUT I'm thinking of using my Series X exclusively for PvP to level the playing field. On PC I play with a controller, so I'm WAY less responsive than PC players not using a controller. 

  • I have been playing destiny for a long time, the first game I got on the Xbox 360 was the original destiny I was not able to play because I did not have the Xbox gold, I now play all of my gAmes on my PlayStation and my computer. I have had my PS4 the longest so I started to play destiny 2 very early, I was very happy with the game but I got unhappy when they removed my favorite planet titan, and most of the dlc that I purchased are now useless. I have played with a lot of people who were on different platforms but I have not been playing destiny 2 because they got rid of so much content and everyone has 1000 light when they first start. I have also begun to play the original destiny again but their are no people who want to play with me.