Halo 7 coming soon

Anyone think halo 7 is coming soon or it will be just a dlc for infinite?

  • Knowing the success of the franchise means that eventually it will come, I will look forward to it.

  • I am hoping that it will come soon.

  • I'm hoping it come out soon.

  • I think it'll be a minute. Infinite still has plenty of life left and we've heard nary a peep. But the franchise is of course going to continue.

  • It'a great franchise, so I'd surmise that it will be coming soon!

  • I think that the success should mean that another halo should release and I really hope that it does. 

  • Probably a dlc/addon for infinite. I still feel like infinite is still new/new enough 

  • I don't think so. Infinite has good bones, its just the botched mutliplayer. They're gonna keep doing DLC for a while till they make their money.

  • It probably might come soon.