who's excited for next gen xbox game consoles

this discussion is for next gen xbox game consoles 

  • It's a bit soon, isn't it? Are you already tired of the Xbox Series X? We might see some variations of the Xbox Series S this year, but an entirely new generation of consoles? That's several years away. 8th Generation lasted 8 years from 2012-2020.

  • I would be more interested in long awaited titles materializing.

  • no, Xbox always made a Xbox every 2-3 years xbox one x was in 2017 xbox series x happened 3 years later 

  • xbox bought every game manufacturer before you know it there going to take down every game that the ps5 has

  • I really hope that whatever they do, they make name line up with either PS or the console generation. Like call it the Xbox X5 (to align with former) or Xbox X10 (for the latter) or something to that effect.