Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite should have not been free to play. What do you think should it be 60$ instead of being free to play and got what we got in this bare bone free too play halo?

  • I know some people who like freemium type of games.

  • I downloaded it, played a few multiplayer matches and got a little irritated that the Battle Rifle wasn't a starting weapon and then uninstalled. I know I wouldn't have paid full price for it, but I might have paid $20 or $30... ended up completely bouncing off of it instead. 

  • I hate the battlepass and how completing awful challenges is the only way you can progress. I miss cosmetic unlocks that are tied to doing certain things in the game. For example, I remember in Reach (I think) you had to splatter like 50 enemies to unlock a certain visor. Now you just keep playing until you get to that battle pass tier.

  • This! I think it was a big lack of progress for me as a casual player that contributed to me uninstalling. Even winning and getting a bunch of kills, it barely made a dent in leveling. I like the Overwatch method where they reward me for simply logging in--I have every skin that I want for every character and I've never spent a dime.

  • think need to do more research on types of gamers and how to make them enjoy playing a gane

  • The free game model always has a grind factor so they entice players to pay for stuff. Rarely is there a feel of well paced progression which is a turn off for me. The latest battlefield games suffer from the same but are paid games. I miss the old pay for the season pass and you were guaranteed 4 new maps every 2-3 months and plenty of new vehicles and weapons. More and more publishers are doing this live service model with long grinds to try to keep us playing the game longer just to unlock a skin or weapon we may not want etc... without updating the game with meaningful content for everyone. Very scummy. Halo would've been better as a paid game with paid dlc and worthwhile content added to all its fans.