meta - xbox partnership vibes?

anyone think there could more to this meta and xbox collab than just a branded device?  I feel like it could be a smart play for xbox to get into VR this way if something more substantial was in the works maybe for the next gen?

  • It is definitely possible. I think it is a good way for XBOX to get into the VR space even if it is only one foot in. VR is still niche but is growing especially through the META Quest platform. Tech will only get better and VR has so many applications for entertainment to business purposes. It's a more cost-effective approach than what Sony did with the PSVR 2. I bought one and have some regrets because Sony hasn't given it the game support pc and Quest give it and this is probably due to costs which Sony doesn't want risk committing to fully unlike META which has bought up many great VR devs and added AR. XBOX probably wants to be relevant without having to go all in and META can make that happen. Maybe VR game streaming deal with a Quest/XBOX compatibility?