Xbox and their new console

Do u think Xbox is going to make an awesome gaming handheld later this year??

  • I think they will, everyone wants a portable now a days and they are losing out on the market!

  • Honestly not sure. I mean its possible as they def want to expand out to mobile more since they have king now from activision blizzard merger

  • I’m curious to see that.

  • I would love to see an official Xbox handheld.

  • I'd like to see what they produce. I'm sure they're getting better at it each time on the console side.

  • I don’t think Xbox is going to make a handheld console bc that’s expensive to bring to life. What I think Xbox is going to do is make a controller that’s attachable to phones and promote Xbox cloud gaming instead because that gives them easy revenue without having costs of R&D and manufacturing devices

  • Idk. There are alot of great options already. Xbox makes money off subsriptions and games. Go get a legion go!!! They look sweet and gets full pc access

  • To be honest! it'd be nice to see a handheld from Xbox.

  • They will eventually because that seems to be the way that all of these things are moving. They either have to adopt the platforms that people want or they will be left behind.

  • Handhelds are the new popular trend in gaming. Nintendo Switch really revived the handheld demand by making the games on its consoles playable on the handheld feature. I remember having the PS Vita and how little support for titles it had. Now the handheld market has most gotten it right whether the Switch or a pc handheld by making it possible to be compatible with all the games you own on the platform. It's hard to see XBOX being the only platform to not have one so I am confident they will launch one soon. I heard XBOX is working on a deal with META involving VR. It seems to me that Microsoft wants to not only keep its growth in the pc market but also to compete in some sort of fashion with any accessories or features that Sony has marketed. I think this smart. I own a PSVR 2 and it is great hardware but lacks game support unlike the META Quest 2/3 library so I would be way more inclined to get an XBOX as my main console platform if it had full Quest 3 implementation and maybe some VR titles on XBOX Game Pass. I think XBOX has been making great decisions over the last few years where Sony hasn't.