I feel lonely playing almost any title nowadays...

I desperately miss game chat. I haven't had an online "friend" stick around in years and I feel like they used to come so naturally... Now I gotta sift through LFG's like tinder dates just to have a few game sessions with unengaged strangers. Yet if I try to find people naturally through the game I'm playing, through the lobby I'm playing in and.... It's DEAD.

Online gaming feels like a ghost town nowadays. I know I'm not playing with bots, but I mind as well be? There's no spice!

I'm exhausted with trying to find companionship and I feel trapped in some weird way cause I don't know any other way. I play games to be social yet escape reality. Yet somehow I find myself surrounded by the formalities of being silenced in the real world and online, it's beyond boring. It's frustrating! At least to me anyway.

The sad part is I don't feel like I've outgrown gaming I just feel like I've outgrown... This.

If you have any heavily social games to suggest I'd appreciate it, because right now I'm feeling so deeply lost I had to type how I felt online.

TLDR : aging millennial has caveman syndrome, has refused to adapt to the curvature of social dynamics and hates LFG systems. Daydreams of the good o'le days of chilling in lobbies in almost any game in the late 90's/into the 2000's. Help.