Time To Buy A New Console Or Wait?

So with the new console announced that it is coming this fall, if I need a new console should I wait or do you think the new console won't be as big an upgrade as they are making it out to be? 

  • All things come to those who wait. 

  • It is rumored to be a massive improvement from the previous model. However, specifics won't be announced till the holidays is what the Xbox President has teased.

  • I would wait since I don't know if the console is only digital like the leak they accidentally did or is it completely different. If the console is just the same basically then at least they'll have sales around that time so if you waited you might get a decent deal.

  • At this point I would definitely wait. If nothing else the previous versions might drop in price a bit. There will probably be more info out soon.

  • Waiting to hear more about what the new console has is definitely the best option to see if you think its worth it to get. 

  • Consoles usually don't hit their stride until the second year. When devs are fully in

  • If you wait you will at least be able to get the older versions at a better price.