Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 has come out and it's f2p with a battle pass. If I'm being honest I don't mind the battle pass in overwatch 2 and heck I like the grind except to unlock a hero it gives more of an incentive than just skins. Of course, you can pay for it but that doesn't really matter in the end because it doesn't take long to grind out levels, etc unless you just want the skins.  Also, the battle pass was so much more than those rng loot boxes. What do you guys or girls think of overwatch 2

  • Regarding the F2P/Battlepass... I have an awesome skin I like for every character. The only money they ever got from me is the $30 I paid to buy the game initially. I can't figure out how they are ever going to squeeze a single dollar out of me. But I suppose I am not one of the coveted whales!

  • Loved OW1, but not a huge fan of the monetization method. I'm glad f2p is bringing in new people that will help fund development, but there needs to be more motivation for f2p in terms of progression beyond the free battle pass. Even something small like profile borders would be nice.

  • I agree with you. I have never liked the unlock a new character through a paid battle pass. It just incentivizes the devs to make them overpowered or advantageous to lure people to buy them and creates long grinds to unlock them which in turn yields imbalanced gameplay. I am not saying that is the case here because I haven;t played much of it. Overwatch 2 seems to be a reskin or continuation of the first but with heavy monetization. At least it is free to play but they are shutting down the first game which is really lame not giving players a choice if they feel they don't like the progression design of 2. I do not think Overwatch 2 will have the following that 1 did. We will see.

  • I think it is okay but I don't think it has staying power. The f2p rewards are practically non existent and locked behind a heck of a grind at that. Putting a new character with unique abilities behind a large grind is only asking for devs to make them op in the future and nerf later, it happens in practically every f2p game to encourage sells. new f2p players are going to get killed by heroes they dont have and likely mostly quit while a few might pay up, I don't see it having a huge population that sticks around, but probably will be okay - just not massive numbers

  • heard some complaints of the new 5 man teams vs 6 on old.  I guess missing the 2nd tank char

  • I haven't played this one yet.

  • I'm super curious to see how much money they bring in. I'd have paid full price, but since it's free, I don't think they're going to get any money from me.

  • its whatever, they copied and pasted ow2 and expect people to come flocking back.

  • The battle pass is somehow worse than the loot boxes. At least with the free loot boxes, you had a chance of getting legendary skins. This game currently has no real reward for players grinding hours into this game. I cannot see myself spending money on this game and I cannot see myself playing anywhere close to 100 hours.