Better alternatives to xbox..?

Im going to be honest here, im REALLY butthurt about what xbox is doing to captures and game clips, years of memories wiped because folks can't afford another subscription siphoning their wallets.

Between their obscene subsections prices, lackluster gamepass, I don't plan on continuing with xbox after i secure a gaming laptop. But that might be a while..

I keep hearing horror stories regarding switch and im not too familier with playstation..any idea what a better alternative would be inbetween no laptop and Xbox purgatory..?

  • Honestly, the Switch may be the most cost effective if you can’t  wait. They have tons of great indie titles and Nintendo exclusives. A laptop is a better value than ever if you keep the cost/options in check. 

  • Id suggest maybe a switch as they are affordable or maybe a handheld device like the steamdeck or one of the others

  • I would recommend you look at getting a handheld gaming console. These are the perfect middle ground between console and PC. This way you will be able to build up your gaming library before moving on to a gaming PC. If you are tight on your budget then the Steam Deck or Asus Ally Ryzen Zi (which goes on sale often for the same price as the Steam Deck) would be cheaper than a PS5 and about $50 more than an OLED switch. If you have the extra cash then a Legion Go is the handheld closest to being a portable gaming PC. However, it will cost $230 more than the other two I mentioned. 

  • Theres no other alternatives. Keep the xbox and save up for that laptop. Once you go PC its hard to fo back to console. PC is more expensive and console will always give you the best bang for your buck. Just keep an eye out on deals directly on lenovo website or bestbuy. B and H photography has great deals too. Newegg always seemed expensive

  • I suggest a handheld switch also.

  • Depends on games you play, you can buy a refurbished handheld devices. I'm not sure what price range you are looking for but that is the cheapest option. Might be a good try since there are lots of new handhelds are coming out so people are selling their old ones

  • I'd say I'm in agreement with getting a handheld. Both the Switch and Steam Deck have docks if that's your thing.

  • I think going to PC is the best solution for gaming, why deal with the ups and downs of consoles, when in PC gaming when you buy a games you can keep them, and use them on your next PC. Unlike consoles that you have to buy the game over and over, and only if it's available on the new console. Even if you keep your old console if it goes bad then you have to buy a new one, unlike PC that you can roll the games over unto to your new PC.

  • I am not too upset about the captures, but it is annoying

    I would say to a PC, you can maybe find a used one for not much more than a console. It might not let you play all the highest end games at the highest resolution and refresh rate, but if you lower those you should be able to play most of them! This would at least let you know if a PC works for you!

  • The ideal combo in my opinion is the Switch (for mobile gaming) and then a desktop (for PC gaming).