Better alternatives to xbox..?

Im going to be honest here, im REALLY butthurt about what xbox is doing to captures and game clips, years of memories wiped because folks can't afford another subscription siphoning their wallets.

Between their obscene subsections prices, lackluster gamepass, I don't plan on continuing with xbox after i secure a gaming laptop. But that might be a while..

I keep hearing horror stories regarding switch and im not too familier with playstation..any idea what a better alternative would be inbetween no laptop and Xbox purgatory..?

  • Mini PC, or a capture card for gameplay clips? Or a handheld on the current market

  • A new Switch will probable release next Spring. I'd wait for that. Save for a better computer, also! 

  • Yeah but i keep hearing switch has Terrible crossplay and often players get trapped in segregated gaming pools. Im not too big on that, i also don't like small screens, but i guess i can see the appeal..

    Also still vary angry about the captures. Unamused

  • I honestly would just use your XBox until you get your pc gaming rig. You can use the money that you would have spent on an alternative on a beefier pc set up. If money isn't really too much of an issue at the moment, I personally would go with a pc handheld that can serve as a companion to your future pc rig. That way you have a home set up and a portable option. I own a PS4 and PS5 but ever since I got my pc in 2020 I mainly game on it. No gaming platform is better than pc imo. No worries about backwards compatibility, mods, way more options, no subscription to play online, upgradeable components, multi-purpose applications and better game sale prices are just some of the pros of having a gaming pc. I went through an 8 year period without a pc, mainly during PS4 generation, and am so glad I went back to pc.

  • I agree. The money saved can be used for a better pc or upgrading components. Consoles are all somewhat similar in features except the Switch having a handheld solution but less power so it makes sense to just use the XBox until a pc set up is feasible.

  • Best alternative is to play indie PC games that don't require a gaming laptop. Tons of great games that can be played on any semi-modern pc. You won't lose access to your games when you get a gaming laptop. 

  • Well the answer to this is anything that’s not Microsoft. Switch is great—the handheld gaming PC’s and of course Playstation. I have a Switch, gaming laptop, and had a PS4 for years and I love my Xbox the most.

  • Nintendo might be more affordable on hardware, but their games rarely go down in price. I'm used to the Xbox/PC environment now with GamePass where my subscription covers both console and PC games (I love both platforms for different types of games--console is easier to play with friends/wife/kids). With PC you've got steam sales and Epic Free games... so I don't think Nintendo or Playstation are great solutions either. 

  • Xbox can be awesome, but definitely can be problems as well.. PS is great but my all time favorite is absolutely PC. there is just not comparison when it comes to selection and mods