are you looking forward to its release the 21st ? Senua's saga hellblade 2

Free with gamepass and pre-order now ^^ 

  • Never heard of it. What type of game is it? Thinking

  • I'm kind of "meh" on it to be honest. They really haven't shown that much. The promotion for it has been almost non-existent which is typically a bad sign. And, Microsoft's track record as of late isn't particularly good.

  • So I was pretty excited to play the first one, but it wasn't my type of game. I bounced off of it pretty quickly. Maybe it was just the first few scenes, but it was moving so slow. 

  • Play after a productive day! Gamepass is a good deal. 

  • For how anticipated this game is I'm surprised it's coming out on game pass day one. I guess since XBOX is the publisher they don't mind losing out on the sale revenue for subscription revenue. 

  • Hellblade 2 looks awesome!

  • Hellblade 2 looks like a good game, But I will wait to see what other players will say, if I here it is as good as it looks then I will try it before I buy it.

  • Yes although I still need to finish the first one lol