What is your favorite Xbox Series X game of ALL TIME?

My favorite one is Halo Infinite. I have always loved Halo since high school. I have owned all flagship halo games ever realized. Thats right. REALIZED. Halo isn't just released. HALO IS REALIZED! I Love Halo. But to me, Halo Infinite pretty much made what Halo is meant to be, in this Halo, you actually explore Zeta Halo thoroughly. It's the only flagship halo that is Semi Linear. This was awesome to me. All the other ones are awesome don't get me wrong. But this one Is the only one that is like the Halo Combat Evolved 2002 demo shown at E3. 


  • I loved playing, HALO, I spent to much time on there making the family mad. Once in a while I still get back to it when I have the extra time,,

  • One of my favorite games on the Xbox is Skyrim, this has been one of my favorite games for a long time and I believe everyone has at least heard of it. Another reason why I like Skyrim is because you can mod the hell out of it and have all new content

  • My favorite XBOX game of all time is probably not HALO. I only played the first campaign. I absolutely played the crap out of the original FORZA 

  • I've had more fun with Battlefront 2 than any other game on my series X.  I know it's not an exclusive, but after all the patches..it's a great game.

  • forza 5 - such a chill game