Is it still worth it to buy a XBOX in 2022?

I used to love the old XBOX 360 but since then I mainly play games on PC. Is it still worth it to get the next gen console? Most of the games are also available on the PC these days, so I wonder if there are any noteworthy exclusives left I'm missing out on.

  • For sure if you dont like pc gaming its great at playing games and watching tv so its either of you like pc gaming or console gaming

  • I don't find it worth it. Anyone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe every exclusive for Xbox comes out on PC now. It seems like Xbox has shifted away from players buying their consoles to PC players on a subscription.

  • If you can build a proper PC, then go with PC. Xbox is good when you don't have enough money for a gaming PC.

  • I don't feel that it really is worth it if you already have a solid PC gaming rig. All of the Xbox console exclusives release on PC as well anyway. And as far as connecting your PC to play in a living room setting it's not too hard to set that up with a little bit of effort. So yeah, unless someone is lazy about it I just don't really see the benefit.

  • there will always be something to be said about having a console and sitting at a couch to play a game. Contained device, you know for certain your games will work, so on. so forth

  • Not worth it. If you play on PC you won't get a ton of use out of a console. Maybe consider Game Pass as an alternative to buying an Xbox.

  • I use mine mainly to stream movies & shows. 

  • Gaming on pc has more benefits than playing on xbox. Xbox exclusives, pc game pass, more competitive game prices and subscription free online gaming are just a few of them not to mention the many choices you have of how you want to run your software. you just aren't missing out on anything xbox can offer you.

  • Unless you are doing it for nostalgia fun, PC has all the games, and for me it wouldn't be worth it.

  • Not much that you can't get on pc. I just found out that EA Sports for some reason has included features in the new Madden and FIFA that are only on the next gen consoles, not on pc. No idea why.