Thoughts On New Xbox Console Announcements?

I have to say I am pretty disappointed with the new console announcements. Basically they are adding space to the exact same console and prettying them up. I would have preferred they announce an WAY CHEAPER way to expand storage or an actual performance upgrade. What are your thoughts? 

  • I haven't seem the announcement, but it seems about right. They have been mostly doing cosmetics these days. 

  • Nothing new, just more storage. They do look good though! 

  • I think everyone is disappointed. The expectation was closer to a PS4 pro version and instead, we get more storage with the same performance. There is zero point in upgrading if you already have the previous console. 

  • I completely agree. Very underwhelming.

  • Yes, not much change.  Rather disappointing but if you have a good thing going....

  • So disappointed using the same proprietary storage options

  • This is such a weird console generation. I feel like we're overdue for either a discounted unit or a real, proper refresh or upgrade. These were...neither. Very disappointing. 

  • I'm still using my xbox one x w/one terabyte of memory & it still works great...was thinking about getting new xbox one series x but I checked w/my friends and they said wasn't worth it...

  • Not really new I guess, so not much changed.

  • To be fair, the Xbox and PS5 already dominated the market for console electronics ... I think they're just sticking with a similar concept this time around to keep revenue up lol