When do you think we'll get an Xbox "refresh" console?

So I haven't jumped on the newest generation of consoles yet. But now that we're already on year 4 of the Xbox Series X, it almost seems inevitable that we'll get a new console in 2023-2024. What's your take on what a new console will have? Basically, should I buy now or wait?

  • I should also mention that I'm looking at Nintendo consoles for my kids, so any thoughts on a Switch 2 appreciated too!

  • I haven't been following up closely, but I think you should wait. As of now they have only launched hw upgrades to extend the life of consoles. If I would have to guess, I would say this year they should hint something at E3. So if you want the consoles for this year, go for it and buy the least expensive ones knowing there may be something new next year.

  • Probably within the next 5 years

  • I would say another 2 years at the very least till we get a refresh. There is so much focus on gaming services like gamepass that I think hardware is starting to take a backseat. I personally wouldn't wait for it and would just pull the trigger now if possible. 

  • I doubt very much a console will come out in the next two years, refresh or not. The company is pushing the PC and cloud gaming platforms iirc, and I feel like they will take a "if it ain't broke" mentality. If you wanted to grab a console I would wait for some sort of holiday deal where you get a bundle or a decent price off. 

  • Hope it's not too long.   But you never can tell in the tech world. Probably worth waiting...

  • I will be nice if it comes with windows and up-gradable.

  • I would say wait because its bound to come soon. They have updated the ones they have out now a lot I feel like. Now its time for a hardware update. 

  • I wouldn't buy one even if the new one isn't coming any time soon just because it's so old, unless it's a good used deal.

  • I mind seeing new consoles arriving in the gaming market, but I will say that it would be wise to wait a couple of years before buying a new console. My reason for waiting is based on a couple of factors: the price of the console, the library of games (depending on your preference), and the latest specs/features of what the console has.