Favorite time-periods in games/shows/books

I'm a part-time indie game developer and I'm interested in what the legion community finds interesting in games, shows, and books. Are there any time-periods or subjects that immediately strike your fancy? For me, I'm a lover of medieval history with light fantasy elements (think more Game of Thrones than D&D), but my interests are spread throughout ancient history (Greeks, Romans), medieval, 1600's Japan, and 1500s-1750 Europe. Other people will play any game where there's a cat... so I'm definitely curious...

What strikes YOUR fancy?

  • Can you recommend good romance books to read?

  • Anytime during the dark age like Dragon Age or Baldur's Gate. I also like AC3 so around that time too maybe? 

  • For tv shows, I like a lot of different period dramas. Victorian Era, Renaissance, Medieval, Tudor era, stuff like The Gilded age and Downton Abbey (same creator, 1880s for the Gilded Age, 1912-almost 1930 for Downton Abbey), stuff involving Pirates (namely Black Sails, I love that show), also Call The Midwife, and quite a few more.

    Video games, love the Assassin's Creed games, and Red Dead Redemption (both).

  • It's awesome that you're exploring different interests and seeking inspiration for your indie games! I can totally relate to your love for medieval history with a touch of fantasy – those settings can be incredibly immersive. Personally, I'm drawn to diverse time periods and subjects. Whether it's the intrigue of ancient Greece and Rome, the mystique of medieval Europe, the rich history of 1600s Japan, or the drama of the 1500s-1750s in Europe, they all offer unique storytelling possibilities. As for books, if you ever fancy a captivating escape that's different from your typical game dev research, Emily Henry's books are worth a look. They bring a modern twist to romance and magic, creating stories that can resonate with a wide range of readers.

  • When developing a game or creating content, understanding your target audience and their interests is crucial.