Xbox series X worth buying?

  • If I wasn’t into PC I would rather buy the Xbox than the PS. The graphics are really great almost like pc and the Xs are super fast processing. Also if you are looking into just playing lots of games. The game pass if definitely where it is. 

  • I am considering buying the forza bundle and is it an upgrade over an one s?

  • Yes, if your not using a gaming computer.  Best stand alone gaming foirmat

  • So here's the thing, I wouldn't necessarily get the Forza bundle because the game is available on GamePass. If you're getting a Series X or S, you're going to want GamePass and so unless you're not going that route, it just seems like you could get a better bundle that's not included with the subscription? That said, I haven't looked into any other bundles. Forza bundle is what I got.

  • I guest, it depends on what you are comparing it to. For me a PlayStation vs Xbox I will chose and Xbox, but PC vs Xbox I will chose PC.

  • Tbh my family has always been the ps types and when I mentioned getting xbo series x instead of ps5, due to how it's difficult to even obtain one these days, they keep making excuses about why not obtaining an Xbox. I believe they are as good as any Playstation console

  • I would get the cheapest model that can take CDs and a longer period of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you want top performance, get a gaming PC or laptop.

  • I would just always recommend a PC over any console. 

  • I would have to say this is a pretty solid yes,, but with the series s black out now, it depends if you prefer downloading or if you already own a number of games...

  • It really depends on what you want and like to play, if the option is console vs PC. If it's just a question of console or nothing, I would say they are worth it. I think they are coming out with upgraded version of at least the Xbox though, so I would look into that before buying.

    Compared to a PC; They're a solid value from a performance standpoint - PS5, too - as they are solid, up to 4K, capable machines. But, a PC can do way more than game, play way more games, and generally get better deals on those games. Old classics in particular (i.e., the whole Valve bundle regularly goes on sale for cheap) can be had for just a few bucks. Even PlayStation exclusives end up on PC eventually. Plus, there's no required subscription to play online - though you may want Game Pass anyway, which also supports PC games. There's also modding which is huge to me, better voice chat options, controller support, future upgradability, and more customization options if that matters to you.

    There are downsides: it's more complicated, especially if you intend to build one yourself, it might be difficult to beat the performance at that price*, you will have to wait for exclusives to come to PC, and you'll have the headache of not having everything you need built in. 

    That being said, a PC is my preference. 

    *I don't know exactly what the specs relate to in PC hardware of the next-gen consoles, but I suspect you could beat them if you buy used.