Starfield ︎

Hello Everyone 

Is Starfield Worth Buying?

i saw many reviews for the game but still I am not comfortable to buy it. I am afraid it can be trick of the year. You know that Microsoft has marketed the game so much that I am afraid that the players will be shocked and not be of the same quality expected for it!

  • Always wait for players' reviews

  • If you've seen reviews now, I wouldn't trust them. The embargo on reviews is supposed to be lifted August 31, I believe.

  • I'm not to sure if I want to buy Starfield as well..I'm personally waiting for one of my friends to play and give me a review..

  • I say wait for the players and critics reviews on august 31st before buying. I'm just going to play it on gamepass on launch and if I like it enough i'll pick up a physical copy later. 

  • I try to keep my expectations low. The latest Fallout taught me that. So did Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, and GTA. 

  • Best wait for player-based critics who will not hold back on the pros/cons. Also, you know there are almost always quality & mechanic reduction from production to release windows to reduce bugs and performance issues for games.
    But hey if you already have GamePass give it a go.

  • Still waiting for reviews (after embargo lifts) and player reviews. Also seeing how well it handles on my GPU. 

  • If the game is to slow the game gets boring, if is to fast it will get uncountable.

  • I've no need to get any game right away & like to wait for reviews & consensus to build. Who knows, might catch a sale too.