Pc gaming vs console gaming?- concoles moving too fast.

Personally im team pC /laptop, i dont lije how predatory console gaming had become with it's subscriptions and rapid device jumping.

I've learned such a trend of games now moving to the next series way too fast like I think got Xbox one only like a few years ago and already we're getting pushed into a new series X when I've hardly even had time to get the Xbox One all worn out.

Back in the day, we used to have those Classics where you could like dust it off and pull out your games with like yeah this is what I used to play!

Nowadays you won't to be able to do that because none of the games will work for it anymore, I wanted to try  boulders gate but low and behold it's for only the new Xbox new series.

They're forcing  us to do this by making it so that only the new games can go on the new devices thus forcing you to buy this new device it's just giving exhausting it to this point I'd much rather use a computer.

More relaiable and you dont have to pay them to play the game you purchased with your friends and family.

What's your preference and why?

  • I'm also on the PC side - PC is a multipurpose device while console is just limited to gaming mostly and not much beyond that.  It's just more practical and a lot more open to modifications and tinkering.

  • PC side. Its more flexible, and there is less waste, since you can also use your PC for, pc things after you're done gaming and your game library is always back compatible. No need to worry about console generations and having to rebuy a game.

  • I side more with PC / laptop users because they are so more versatile, flexible and can do what the X Box does and more. While the X Box can play games well, a good gaming laptop or PC can play all the same games through game platforms like Steam and even X Box games through X Box game pass, also, PCs offer more customization (from choosing the exact parts that go into it to choosing software and operating system) and gaming laptops offer similar performance (when plugged into a wall) combined with much greater portability than either a PC or console like an X Box. In summary, I prefer PCs and gaming laptops due to their higher level of control given to the user, combined with more utility, rather than just playing games in the basement with an X Box, I can do homework, 3D modelling or designing things.

  • At this point PC. I do still like my consoles for games that look nice on a big TV, but the PC can to a lot more.

  • PC, except version exclusive games.  ex) new zelda game is only on the switch.

  • I ssooo agree with you on that,. I bought the xbox one x a few months back only to replace my old xbox one... 

      Now I have all the Elders Scrolls games on my older laptop, it was not made for gaming though and I cannot afford a new gaming laptop.. But I would prefer laptop over the console..

  • I think there are pros and cons to both. Personally, I have nothing against PC but I grew up playing consoles and they're still my main today.

  • I prefer consoles they're a lot cheaper than most pcs and I also have been going back forth between ps5 or xbox series x any thoughts?

  • PC is better, but also a lot more expensive to acquire 

  • As someone who owns both a console and gaming pc, I have become fed up with Sony's subscription price hikes and will probably not get a PS6 when it does launch. I plan on gaming exclusively on pc. It is frustrating as I have invested in playstation for so long including psvr 1&2 and have many friends on the platform which is why I buy sony consoles but I can't justify Sony's non consumer friendly practices anymore. Many games are going cross platform anyway. The only thing that worries me about going pc solely is how badly optimized and how so many games are console ports essentially. Pc gaming always seems like an afterthought to most  publishers/devs. I hope this changes as pc gaming continues its growth. It is a bigger market and really deserves the attention console platforms get.