Pc gaming vs console gaming?- concoles moving too fast.

Personally im team pC /laptop, i dont lije how predatory console gaming had become with it's subscriptions and rapid device jumping.

I've learned such a trend of games now moving to the next series way too fast like I think got Xbox one only like a few years ago and already we're getting pushed into a new series X when I've hardly even had time to get the Xbox One all worn out.

Back in the day, we used to have those Classics where you could like dust it off and pull out your games with like yeah this is what I used to play!

Nowadays you won't to be able to do that because none of the games will work for it anymore, I wanted to try  boulders gate but low and behold it's for only the new Xbox new series.

They're forcing  us to do this by making it so that only the new games can go on the new devices thus forcing you to buy this new device it's just giving exhausting it to this point I'd much rather use a computer.

More relaiable and you dont have to pay them to play the game you purchased with your friends and family.

What's your preference and why?

  • PC is better, but also a lot more expensive to acquire 

  • PC is better, but also a lot more expensive to acquire 

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