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Game Pass Hidden Gem

Hi everyone!

What's a hidden gem you have played on Xbox Game Pass that you would like to share with everyone?

Mine is "Cyber Shadow". It's just a terrific game, one of my all time favorites! It reminds me of Mega Man Zero. 

Game on! 

  • Hmm coffee talk is definitely the bees knees! coffee talk two just released this year and im super hyped to delve back into it!

    1. Truely encompasses the small coffe shop experience! 8D
  • Gris is back on gamepass. Just finished it. Its gorgeous, with beautiful music and an amazing game. Planet of Lana was also pretty good game with a great visual style and soundtrack, with gameplay akin to Inside and Limbo, but simple puzzles

  • Don't mind me. Just evesdropping on suggestions. 

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