New Xbox info/leaks

How are we feeling about the new info that dropped last night? New digital console refresh, remasters of Fallout and elder scrolls, new games coming to Xbox, also Xbox wanted to buy Nintendo AGAIN? How do you guys feel on all this? I'm really interested in the Fallout 3 news atm. 

  • Elder Scrolls is the top news for me. My absolute favorite series since 2002 when I fell in love with Morrowind. 

    Xbox and Nintendo doesn't tickle my fancy because unlike the studio acquisitions of Bethesda and Activision, this would actually remove a console competitor. Personally, I hope they target Ubisoft. They're the only maker of "need to play" games that I prefer on console versus PC (example, most Sega games I'm fine playing on PC and they wouldn't give up that market to be PS exclusive).

  • Yes indeed,,Elder Scrolls is the B I G news for me..I've been playing these games for ever and a day...

  • Why do they keep trying to buy Nintendo? Bad enough games are a monopoly with three major manufacturers of consoles, and almost all PC gaming happening on Windows PCs. We lost Sega and don't need to lose another OG company. Nintendo keeps them on their toes and the competition can't take anything for granted with their system.

  • I agree! I really wish everyone would stop trying to monopolize the industry.

  • Remake Fallout New Vegas and then we're talking. Otherwise, nothing super surprising. Console refresh was gonna come at some point. I'd be more surprised for a non-cloud based console at this point. 

  • At least they picked good games to remake. But I tire at having to buy the same games over. Would love more great, must-play games.

  • Always good to see improvements and new games/features.

  • Kinda sad about the XBSX Digital edition. It is the final nail in the coffin for physical media. This console generation will be the last for physical media. Discs are already just physical licenses with a game launcher anyway still requiring downloads. Still it holds physical value that can be resold or traded. 

    I hope soon that digital game licenses will one day be a blockchain independant from the vendor and publishers accounts so if you lose your account, or band you will have your games backed up, for reinstall, resold, or traded. Maybe GoG will do it since their games are DRM free already.

  • I'll believe it when I see it.