What is happening with the Activision acquisition?

How will this impact Xbox and other consoles? Do you guys think this is good, or is it harmful to video game industry competition?

  • Microsoft closes $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard after lengthy regulatory review. 

  • Personally I think it's harmful especially since Xbox has so many companies and they still haven't showed their potential. More than 23 studios and I only see games from the ones that are recently bought. I think this is harmful because I don't think Microsoft is thinking about Xbox as creative place anymore I think they want big names making games and not the studios they already own making new ideas. 343 is very small now and continues to take hits and lay offs when Halo was their brand. How are you letting them be cut down? The Coalition had many games in development and apparently xbox cancelled most of them to start up Gears 6 development. I don't see how this will work out in Xbox's favor if they can't even control what's going on before the purchase. For competition it depends on if Xbox will still be doing the same thing they are doing now. If they continue doing this with barely many releases throughout the year and Activision making mistakes like with overwatch 2, Diablo 4, and now COD MWF 3 I don't see a big change but I'm afraid this will lead to more lay offs or pressure due to the price they spend on it. So I don't believe monopolizing the industry to get on top is good idea especially when your most known studios are struggling and the company you buy is making some terrible decisions. I'm a fan of Xbox but not a fan of these strange business practices. I feel like it's more of Microsoft these days than Xbox. 乁( •_• )ㄏ