Are you mainly digital or physical? And what are your preferences when choosing what to buy

My Series X arrives in a few days, and I’ve been looking at how to go about building my library going forwards. I’m an avid fan of physical media, but I also love the convenience of digital.

I feel like my approach will be 50/50, but it’d be nice to know everyone’s perspective when it comes to choosing physical or digital.

  • Most all my games are digital

  • Physical if I want to collect while digital if I just want to download. 

  • About 50/50, love the convenience of digital but grab collectors editions etc from time to time. 

    Its crazy how physical games often available for less than digital when there's less overheads id imagine in selling via the digital space, 

    I have a feeling developers are slowly going to take away physical editions of the games though the limitations in storage may slow these attempts at least for a while

  • Only physical games the only time i play digital games is on game pass or if digital is the only way to play the particular game. 

  • Mainly digital at the moment but I do have a dozen or so physical.

  • I prefer digital but pricing would affect my choice in the end. There was a game that was sold for $10 at the lowest during sales and game stores were selling the physical CD copy for $2-3. It was taking up space and they wanted to get rid of it. It was an older game so it's understandable. 

  • Physical is better because it has collector's value and you can sell if you want. If they charged less for digital, I might change my mind, but, at the same price, the physical copy provides much more value

  • I was buying physical but then I switched to physical a few years ago. When traded in my games I was not getting a fair trade in value and actually found myself buying my games back. I switched to digital due to the fact that I could alway re-download my games after trying to make space from not playing with friends for a while. There was no need to buy the game back again like I did. Digital eventually became the best option for me. It's all about personal preference though.

  • Depends on what I am playing it on. With my Xbox (only an Xbox One S), mostly physical, I did get Assassin's Creed: Mirage digitally, but almost everything else is physical. Switch, mostly physical, a few good estore deals here and there, at least the cases for Switch games are tiny and cute. 

  • You might choose to buy physical copies of games you particularly cherish or collect, while opting for digital versions for convenience or taking advantage of sales and discounts.