Game pass worth it?

I just got a legion 5 pro, and it comes with 3 months free. I looked at a few games on there and only a few of them are actually worth paying the subscription for. Since I have xbox game pass core which is like 25 good games, do you guys think it worth it to buy game pass.

  • I think it is worth it. It is definitely the best gaming subscription service in my opinion. You  also get access to EA Play with game pass which adds to the already big library of games. I don't know how extensive game pass core is as I use the pc game pass which adds great games regularly that range from popular indies to day one AA and AAA titles. I would use the 3 month trial and go from there. Definitely check out the indie titles. For instance, Rollerdome comes to the service in early December and Hi Fi Rush, Psychonauts 2 and several other good indies are already on the service.

  • I think it depends on how much time you spend gaming, and what games you actually play. If you spend a bit each day playing a wide variety of games, then it's probably worth it. However, if you only spend a few hours gaming per week, and only play Minecraft during that time, you might want to skip it.

  • I agree with what's been said already and add on that I see the value in using it to try out games that otherwise don't have demos too without wasting any more money. Once you're done with the trial and there's still value in continuing to play those games, you can purchase them after

  • It is a great deal if you like they library they have, and they have a lot of great titles. I feel bad that I am wasting my sub and don't get to play much plus I have my dailies in Fortnite, Genshin etc. I may drop down to core myself.

  • I don't even have an Xbox, and I think it's worth it. I play it on my phone with a ps4 controller, and while the connection isn't always perfect, it works fine for me as I mostly play single player games. 

  • Depends on how much you enjoy gaming and how much time you wish to devote to the hobby!

  • If you play games a lot yes definitely. If you dont have time to play then no. I tried it for a bit and just dont have the time to play them but there are a lot of good games it has!

  • I agree that while it's a ok deal, really depends on if you play regularly and  with a variety of multiple titles.

  • Absolutely if you're already an Xbox gamer. I have the new Xbox and there's so many games on ultimate, that I can't find any to buy. There's AAA titles on day one and, they give us several free to keep games every two weeks. I would try it, and if it's not your cup of coffee, you won't be out a ton of money. 

  • Your question kinda depends on what games you like, your tastes, free time you have available etc.  To me I think it is totally great and worth it.  There are always alot of really good games out there and available. In my opinion it has something for everyone.  Also not sure you are aware but there is a difference between xbox core and game pass ultimate.   Also the cloud gaming with ultimate is really great as well.

    With ulimate you get 

    • Hundreds of high-quality games on console, PC, and cloud
    • New games on day one
    • Member deals, discounts, and Perks
    • Online console multiplayer
    • EA Play membership

    and core you only get

    • Online console multiplayer
    • Catalog of over 25 high-quality games on console
    • Member deals & discounts