Game pass worth it?

I just got a legion 5 pro, and it comes with 3 months free. I looked at a few games on there and only a few of them are actually worth paying the subscription for. Since I have xbox game pass core which is like 25 good games, do you guys think it worth it to buy game pass.

  • For me, not worth it. I prefer to buy my games on hard media copy and keep and play them forever WITHOUT paying any kind of subscription or access fee. Call me old fashioned.

  • I think it is good to get from time to time, if you know you'll have time to play the games you want on it. When I had it I played through Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and started A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Kingdom Come Deliverance (and then my Xbox One died, so never picked those ones back up). If I were to get it again, I'd do it when I knew it had at least two or three games I wanted to try were on it.

  • 100% worth it even if you don't game a lot. The chance to play a lot of different games with little up front and theres so many short indies you can beat that make it easily worth the money.

  • How's it compare to spending the same amount on Steam? Is access to a library of games worth it to you? Which will you actually play? Which will you want to replay? 

  • If there are games you like and play and play a lot, then yes.  Otherwise, no.

  • if you want to play a variety then yes.

  • I think it depends on the kind of gamer you are, If you just like to play games, just to play, maybe, but if you want to own the games, so you can replay each game anytime you want, then in the long run it will be for affordable to buy the game. After all in a game pass the games are not yours to keep.

  • ABSOLUTELY. I have Ultimate and If I'd have bought Starfield, it would have cost me $60--with GamePass I paid my monthly subscription and basically played for $15 because I went all in hard on it for a full month when I was down for surgery. And pretty soon we are going to have access to a big chunk of the libraries from Activision Blizzard (though probably not everything) which might very well include the Call of Duty single player missions (which I haven't gotten to play since Ghosts). 

  • It really depends on what games you'd play and how much you value game ownership.  For me personally, I don't mind having Gamepass but it's not something that I personally find worth paying for.

  • I think it's worth it if there is a game or two you want to beat or play with friends, but only for a short while. Then if you need a break from gaming, feel free to unsub!