Is console gaming really this bad?

I need to understand the appeal of console gaming in today's age.

The games are all so terrible. Battlefield, everything, all just repetitive, cyclical hot garbage.

Every. Single. One.

Forza Horizon for example, most boring, hyped up, built for the spectrum video game I've ever played.

They re-release 007 on Xbox with no online multiplayer. Wooooo that's always fun to play with yourself.

All the games on Xbox Game Pass are boring garbage.

No more games anymore like Chrono Trigger, Herzog Zwei, Battlefield Vietnam, CoD: MW2, World of Warcraft, etc etc

I cannot find a single game worth playing.

  • Honestly I stopped having anything to do with console gaming a long while back because it felt like every game was the same as the last with a slightly different look, maybe a few different features and tweaks and a different setting. Got tired of it.

  • I agree. The appeal is more geared for 13-17 year olds but not many choices for games. Like mobile games are mostly all just build and wait. Boring. The pc/laptop platform gives the greatest diversity in gaming styles.

  • Most games on consoles are on PC (especially Xbox games) I can understand not finding many appealing games on Game Pass as i'm in the same boat but I don't blame that on console gaming I blame that on what Xbox acquires on their platform. If you mean studios under console companies aren't making many games that feel as good as games you mentioned that's once again not console gaming that's the industry as whole. There's not many PC games that I can say isn't repetitive either. I think the issue these days is that you can play almost anything on PC with a higher framerate so why use console? Well that comes to preference more than games at this point. 

  • Agree that games from the past were much more entertaining. Hoping for more worthwhile content creators.

  • I actually like Xbox for console gaming.

  • I gave up and listed the Xbox Series S I got off TikTok Newegg coupon deals on OfferUp. Just gonna take the money and run and hold my PC forever.

  • Multiplayer games on console in today's age feels like you're just playing against boring AI

    No one talks (at least of value), no one says anything funny, no one does anything funny, nobody laughs whenever someone actually DOES do something funny.

    This is why the only game I can enjoy anymore is Rust on PC. Greatest game to ever be created in human history to be honest. Maybe it has spoiled me I don't know.

  • I am not sure what games you are into or what else is available on PC since I am new to PC gaming. But tbh most xbox games are available for windows as well. In saying thus, I am curious as to what you play? Link me some games please? If PC games you play are so much better than console games,  I'd love to try them.  Again I'm new to PC gaming so forgive my (newbness) lol. 

  • I don’t really think the use of gaming consoles is out to date. Eventhougth I love pc to play and work, I still appriciate to console because of we the oldest players love the feeling of a divice which give us too much fun since we were just childs

  • I prefer console gaming