So this may be a no brainer to many people, but I was wondering, what would be better; the XBOX or PS5? I've heard it said that the PS5 has a massive selection of games, while the XBOX (series X) is more powerful by a small margin. Would this justify buying one or the other, or does it really not matter that much?

  • If you have a PC that can play games then go for the PS5. If there are exclusive titles on the PS5 that you want to play then go for that one. If you only plan to play games found on both consoles then get the XBOX since the subscription+specs are a better deal. 

  • I’d say PS5. I’ve always had a bad experience with Xbox, and PlayStation has a bunch of different games Xbox doesn’t have.

  • Both Xbox and PlayStation have strong lineups of exclusive games, but they differ in terms of content and genres.