Xbox is apparently going multi-platform + the future of Xbox news is coming next week.

How do you guys feel about the rumors of Xbox going multi-platform and Phil Spencer announcing news of the future of the company coming next week? Do you believe the rumors? Does it bother you as a fan? Is this a good thing? What are your thoughts?

  • With the ever expanding landscape of gaming technology Microsoft has to do something to keep up with competition.

  • Will be really interesting to see what is said publicly and "officially" versus what the rumors are currently saying. I've been a "Playstation" guy since the PS1 but have never hated any other platform so this might not impact me too much other than letting me access games I might have missed otherwise.

  • About dang time! If you want to stay relevant you need to adapt and people want this. They want a way to game, be portable, and travel. I can't wait to see what theyre coming out with.

  • Multi-platform that sounds Great.

  • They need to do more if they want to compete with Playstation!

  • It's cool.  I've got one of each of the major consoles though, so it wasn't even really a cause for concern.  Back when I was just strictly on playstation though, that would have been stellar.  Good for them, I feel like more access to everyone is better than keeping things exclusive.

  • There is no downside to this. Going multiplatform can only benefit us as gamers.

  • Hoping the rumors are true. If all consoles supported multiplatform, it would be great for both the companies and the consumers in the market space! Cross play would be amazing for every game release, and you'd only buy 1 copy of the game, no matter which console.

  • Xbox going multi-platform is a business decision. The bane of the game is "Making Money."

  • Changes to Xbox's strategy could have significant implications for the gaming community as a whole.