Diablo IV to GamePass!

Get ready ARPGers... Diablo IV is heading to GamePass March 28th!

I played the Beta, I played the free trials, and it's been a game I have thought about for a while but never pulled the trigger on because I always hoped it would come to the subscription service. 

Any advice for a N00B?

  • At this point Diablo IV needs all the players she can find lol. Look for recommended builds on youtube or just enjoy it!

  • I think this is huge for Gamepass! My son will be diving in since I bought Diablo 4 on PC but he doesn't have it yet. I'm hoping it's a big hit. 

  • I never played the beta or any trials but I look forward to checking it out. Its not really a game I would play or buy personally otherwise

  • Huge news for gamepass! Glad to see more ABK games showing up on gamepass. Now for some call of duty!

  • I use to buy any game the day they came out. Now because of gamepass, I’ll wait and see if they add it. It’s saved me a lot money and if I end up hating a game well it costs me nothing.

  • I know some folks that'll like that! news. Thanks. 

  • Cool that Gamepasss is adding another good game.  This is great news for a lot of folks.

  • I bought the game when it came out, won't do that again. Played it for a bit but there were to many things we didn't like about it (compared to previous Diablos) . Turned out to be a waste of money for us. I think I will start waiting to see if they come out on game pass.

  • My advice is, "Enjoy!"  Sounds like great news.

  • Same here. I played the free weekend trial and the beta and while having fun with it couldn't decide if I wanted to get it. I opted to wait to see what future changes and content would look like. I really wasn't a fan of the only online decision Activision made. I just don't like the fact that if servers go down I can't play a game I would have payed for or if I am on a trip without internet I can't play a game so I was really excited when Microsoft made this announcement. I will probably end up getting it after delving more into its world. It is nice to see that the Activision /Blizzard acquisition is improving an already great Game Pass service.