US LGC Giveaway - June 2024

Edit: CONGRATS to this month's winner,  

Please note that our July laptop giveaway is on hold until our new site update is complete at the end of this month. Stay tuned in August for more giveaways, including another Legion 7i 4070 Slight smile

Enter to win a Legion 7i Gen 9 4070 laptop!

Our monthly June giveaway kicks off with a HUGE prize, a new Legion 7i Gen 9 4070 laptop! This prize was picked by Legion Community members in our monthly prize vote.

Not from North America? Check out these giveaways in other regions:

What component of laptops matters most to you - cooling? GPU, CPU, NPU? Storage? Battery? Let us know below!

Contest open to US and CA community members only. You must have a Legion Gaming Community account to be eligible to win. See full terms in widget.

  •  Why not now? I can't wait that long. Too excited!


  •  The boy had no patience, but he grew up to be a doctor with no patients.

    A doctor of Finger Dancing, MFA.

  • I have been using Thing gifs for much of the day. Coincidence?


    I don't know how to answer that question.  But, let me try.  Yes? lol

    Let me put it this way... one of us is obsessed with hands, today.  The other is just mirroring that obsession.  That's not coincidence.  That's causation.  Did you Jedi mind-trick me?  Or did I Jedi mind-trick you?  Or are we both weak-minded—and on the receiving end of a mind-trick? :-)

  • But, which one of us is mirroring and which is obsessed? If it's not causation, is it correlation? Recently, I heard 100% of people who don't understand the difference between causation and correlation will die and now I'm really worried.  


    Don't worry.  I know the difference.

    Causation refers to the construction of raised roads or tracks, over low or wet ground.

    Correlation refers to the formation of reefs in the ocean.

    See?  Everyone is saved!  If I'm wrong, then let everyone's path in life come to an unavoidable end.  Causation.  And may the rate of heat-stroke increase at the same time of year that people tend to consume more ice cream—while they're at the beach.  Correlation. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  •   The solution is simple. Ban ice cream so kids won't have strokes. Or are the kids getting all hopped up on sugar and causing their elderly neighbors to have strokes? Has anyone checked on Mr. Wilson?