Generation Zero - Sweepstakes (2023)

Enter for your chance to win a "Generation Zero" Steam key!

Explore a huge map inspired by the Swedish Cold War era where danger lurks on every street, in every patch of forest and deep inside every bunker. Engage in tense battles against sophisticated and deadly machines. Take them on solo or together with up to three friends. Can you outsmart a relentless enemy designed to hunt you down? Grow stronger as you gain experience fighting back against the machines. Scavenge parts from your fallen enemies and use them to craft equipment, weapons and ammunition. Build and fortify your own bases across the island and start taking back your home!

Contest is open through June 10th. US Only.

This key must be redeemed via Steam. To redeem your Steam key, please follow these instructions.

  • Won a key looking forward to playing

  • Congrats to the winners!

  • When you pick winners?

  • Let's goooooooo!!!!

  • I love the part in the trailer where kids are riding bikes to escape a missle attack. 

    Good luck, everyone!